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Selection of Database  pda
Resource Number   (ex. pda00001)
NCBI Accession Number   (ex. AF375399)
AGI code(Tair 10)   (ex. At3g16400, At3g16400.1)
cDNA clone name   (ex. RAFL02-01-H06)

Restrictions for the use of RAFL clones.
When you examine the full-length sequence of pdx, pdy and pdz clones, please send the sequences to us ( plant@brc.riken.jp) to improve the databases in RIKEN. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Guide for Database
pda Full-length sequence of the clones is available.
Full-length sequence of these clones has not been characterized.
For these clones, 3'- or 5'-sequence is available.
all Search all the databases for RAFL clones.
(1)The AGI code presented in this database may be different from that in other database
    such as RARGE.
(2)This database presents the AGI code of Arabidopsis gene that has highest similarity.
    It doesn't guarantee that the clone has exactly same sequence with corresponding
    gene annotated by TAIR. Thus it is user's responsibility to examine the sequence of
    the clone on our database before making your order.

Maps for RAFL clones

Tips for search clones

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