How to search our database:

  1. To use AGI gene codes (ATxGxxxxx) numbered by TAIR. Please type the code into a box posted as AGI code.
  2. To use RAFL numbers. Please type the number (for example, RAFL02-01-H06) into a box posted as cDNA clone name.
  3. To use NCBI accession number, however, this search doesn't work when you use those accession numbers other than for RAFL full-length clones.

If you are not able to find our resource number corresponding to your interested cDNA, the following reasons may cause it:

  1. If you search our catalogue with AGI gene code and find 'no data is existed', there may be no RAFL clone for that gene.
  2. If you search our catalogue with RAFL number, please send e-mail to

When you obtain search result, you are recommended to check the sequence of the clone by clicking the resource number or cDNA clone number.