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The RIKEN BRC Mouse Phenome Database (RMPD) will enable biomedical researchers to find appropriate strains for physiological testing, drug discovery, new models of human disease, identification of new genes, and QTL analyses. This database includes a data set of inbred, mutant, wild-derived and RI strains. The RMPD was developed by Experimental Animal Division in collaboration with Bioresource Information Division, RIKEN BRC.
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Data sets presented on the RMP database are not necessarily static. Corrections or additions may be made to them over time. It is also possible for invalid or incomplete results to be presented on the RMPD due to data problems or human error. We recommend that you check the data periodically.

Usage terms and conditions
This software and data are provided enhance knowledge and encourage progress in the scientific community and are to be used only for research and educational purposes. Any production or use for commercial purpose is prohibited without the prior express written permission of the RIKEN BRC.

When citing the RIKEN BRC Mouse Phenome Database (RMPD), please use the following sentence : RIKEN BRC Mouse Phenome Database, RIKEN BioResource Center which is participating in the National Bio-Resource Project of the MEXT, JAPAN (URL: http://www.brc.riken.jp/animal/mouse_phenome_dl.html, month and year of download)

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